Precious Gemstones are typically considered to be the 1) Diamond, 2) Ruby, 3) Sapphire and 4) Emerald, of which many of these eternal band ring images portray.

Semi-Precious Gemstones, generally considered not to be valued as highly as precious stones, but still nonetheless admired, also exist such as the:

1) Amethyst, 2) Opals, 3) Topaz, 4) Aquamarine, 5) Tanzanite, and 6) Alexandrite. These gemstones may also be ordered to be included in your desired custom eternal band ring.

Diamond Quality are typically judged by what is called The 4 C’s of Diamonds:

Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut.


Refers to the mass or weight of the diamond. Sometimes the term total carat weight (t.c.w) is used to describe the total mass of all diamonds in a jewelry piece where more than one diamond is used. For example, the t.c.w. of The Mambo eternal band ring may be 1.5 carats consisting of 10 diamonds at .15 carats each.


Refers to how light is transmitted through and within a diamond. Clarity of a diamond is a function of its structural form and chemical purity in relation to any possible internal structural deficiencies and/or other embedded non-diamond substances. Clarity is usually rated from a scale of flawless to I3.


Refers to the degree of variation from a completely transparent and colorless diamond (perfectly formed), in relation to any chemical impurities and/or structural imperfections that cause a diamond to show colors such as yellow, pink, or blue. Color is usually rated from a scale of D (no or little color) to Z (lots of color).


Like an article of clothing of which the original clothe has been ‘cut’ to fit a particular human form and to display a particular design fashion, diamonds are also cut to reflect, refract, and transmit light in a variety of ways that can be pleasing to the eye. Technically, a diamond’s cut refers more particularly to a mathematical analysis of a diamond’s inter-respective properties of carat, depth, diameter, girdle thickness, to name a few. But colloquially, a diamond’s cut may refer to the shape or the final form of the diamond, be it coined as a Princess, Baguette, Rose, or Pear Cuts, etc., for example.

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