“That’s so architectural!”
~ Susan Huntsman, Anchorage, Alaska

“Your ring has holes in it!”
~ Mary Ek, Anchorage, Alaska, Age 7

“I’ve been in the jewelry business for 19 years, and never have I met someone that designed and had made their own ring!”
~ Salesman from a National Retail Jeweler, Anchorage, Alaska

“This design is reminiscence of the architecture style of the ancient Greek temples.”
~ Joyce Hanson, Murray, Utah

“It reminds me of Stonehenge—it’s timeless.”
~ Leilua Fadely, Anchorage, Alaska

“They [the rings] are neither overstated nor understated.
They are simplistic—neither gaudy nor ornamental.”
~ Tom Crockett, Anchorage, Alaska

“It looks like a Jacob’s Ladder.”
~ Alaska Resident

“Of all the [wedding] rings I’ve seen, that’s the only one I like.”
~ Alaska Resident

“It looks Romanesque!”
~ James Halliday, Kenai, Alaska

“Your designs are incredible!”
~ Bob, South Carolina

“This ring is brilliant!  It is really light (which I LOVE) and breathes well, which definite makes any ring more tolerable to wear!”
~ Kamran Janjua, Eagle River, Alaska

“It’s Art.”
~ 1Million Cups Presentation Audience Commentary, Anchorage, Alaska

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